About Us

In 2004, Jorge Gomez, and his wife Rosie found themselves wanting to reach out to local families affected by poverty. Their hearts where called by the Lord to help people struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. They started by walking through the parks in San Francisco with their children, Jorgie (age 7) and Josie (age 2). They prayed for the poor and led many to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

With little to offer financially the Lord always provided enough to give to many. Today, the Gomezes are overseeing bi-weekly outreaches with over 25 volunteers and providing weekly care packages for families in need.

Although the ministry has grown, Spreading the Love of Jesus Ministry is a completely volunteer-run organization and relies on donations from individuals and businesses to support our mission. Please visit our How to Get Involved page to learn more about how to volunteer or make a donation.


The Gift That Started It All

My mother was a single mother raising my older sister and I as best she could and knew how. My father past away when I was 2 years old leaving us broken and all alone. We struggled financially not having any bread to eat. My mother worked so hard to put a roof over our heads. Life was very hard but one Christmas, just when we thought we wouldn't have any food to eat, GOD changed it all! That evening, we came home tired and weak from a long day of housekeeping with our mother to discover a BLESSING on our doorstep. To our surprise it was bags full of food and Christmas presents. My sister and I were jumping for joy and our mother was in tears! That was the best Christmas I remember as a child. It gave us hope and encouragement. That night I made a promise, ‘God, I will continue to bless families just as my family was blessed.’ That seed was planted by an unknown person or persons. That thoughtful blessing impacted my life.  I want to continue to spread God's love the way it spread into my life and my family. I will continue this ACT of LOVE by giving and spreading the love of Jesus one family at a time. Be blessed!

-Rosie M. Gomez

Be devoted to one another in love.  Honor one another above yourselves.

Romans 12:10

All the Glory to God