Restoration Program

In the beginning of 2014, we started a Restoration Program with homeless individuals who seek to terminate their unhealthy drinking habits and drug addictions. They know they can't do it on their own and they ask for our help. Through this program, we place them in a hotel for two days. We pack one month worth of clothing and toiletries and snacks. We take the individual to get groomed by a local barber. The next day we invite them to church. On the second day, they will get interviewed for the second time. If the individual is ready to enter the 9 month program with the Bay Area Rescue Mission, we drop them off the same day. We follow up and visit them to make sure they are doing well. The Bay Area Rescue Mission is a highly effective organization that shelters men, women and children in the Bay Area. We are privileged and honored to work alongside them. We see the fruits through the help they provide to the community. We can't wait to have more successful stories next year.

Bay Area Rescue Mission Recovery Programs

Bay Area Rescue Mission Recovery Programs Men, women, and families are encouraged to find long-term relief from homelessness at the Rescue Mission through extensive, residential recovery programs. The complete recovery package is designed to remove the obstacles of chemical addiction and destructive behavior while equipping clients with the necessary resources to establish independent lives of self-sufficiency and self-determination. Last year more than 200 men and women successfully completed various components of the Rescue Mission’s Recovery Program. Drug and alcohol addiction recovery Job skills training and vocational classes Education and GED certification with local community colleges Counseling and spiritual guidance Computer training Biblical training Life management skills Family management skills Job placement

Men's Center

Each recovery program member spends approximately 1,040 hours in classes, which may include GED studies and preparation, and even college level courses at a local community college. In addition, every recovery program member spends over 1,000 hours in a therapeutic job-skills training assignment learning the disciplines associated with an employable trade-skill commensurate with their career goals. Individual and group counseling sessions are held on an on-going basis, and each program member attends three sessions per week. Counseling sessions address the following: Legal issues Family relationships and means of restoration Outstanding financial issues (such as back taxes or child support) Anger management Household budgeting and other practical life-skills More than a third of the men who seek shelter at the Bay Area Rescue Mission have served in the armed forces and recent studies indicate that there will be a significant increase in that number as our troops return from fighting the war on terror. Many of our guests struggle with mental/emotional issues and addiction disorders. Declining wages have put housing out of reach for many workers in California. Veterans answered the call when needed and they should be honored and cared for. At the Bay Area Rescue Mission we believe that those who put their lives on the line for us deserve to be honored and treated with respect.

Pastor Daniel Helix

Director, Men's Services

(510) 215-4868

Women's and Family Center

The Family Center provides single women and women with children a place of shelter and support in their time of need. The Center offers dormitories and private rooms for sleeping, a dining room for meals, and showers and toiletries. It provides both initial protection and a starting point for our guests who are in need of a safe place to begin to address their problems and create a plan for the future. Currently we have 195 shelter beds for homeless single women and women with children. Of those, 30 beds are for emergency shelter and 165 beds are for long-term recovery. Last year we were at capacity 341 nights of the year. The single mothers with children who come to the Rescue Mission are dealing with multiple issues such as a recent divorce, low income without sufficient savings to weather a job loss or a debilitating illness or escaping domestic violence. Protection from the elements and from the hazards of street life is essential to our guests’ health and state of mind, especially for women and children. It also gives them the opportunity to begin addressing their problems. Through the combination of innovative programs, a caring community, dedicated staff and volunteers, and our guests’ desire and motivation; homeless individuals are able to regain self-confidence, learn employable skills, strengthen their family unit, and become productive members in the community.